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Andrew McCarthy

The March of Luna

The March of Luna

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"The March of Luna" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on C-Type Matt


This is the "Worm Moon" a common name for the full moon of March. Captured just after the perfectly full moon to reveal crater details on the East side.

The Full Moon has inspired humanity for thousands of years. A source of scientific curiosity and artistic inspiration, it is what drew me into the world of astrophotography, and remains my most frequently captured subject. This image was captured by shooting thousands of images in short succession at high magnification, and stacking them to reduce the effects of our turbulent atmosphere. The final image is a mosaic made of many tiles, which creates an image of a familiar object in significantly higher detail than traditional images produce.

The size indicated is the "leaf size", which will include a 1/2" white border for handling and framing.

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