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The Sisters

The Sisters

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"The Sisters" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on Giclee Photo Rag


A4: Edition of 30
A3: Edition of 25
A2: Edition of 10
A1: Edition of 5

Framed and unframed options available

The Pleiades (aka Seven Sisters) open cluster is one of the brightest and most prominent objects in the night sky. Often called a "mini dipper" due to its resemblance to Ursa major, it's a familiar sight in Taurus that indicates winter constellations are soon to follow. 

Like all deep space objects, the Pleiades isn't alone in interstellar space. It shares the space with some interstellar dust, which allows the light from the stars to illuminate it. The blue color is caused by the same phenomenon that creates our blue skies, as Rayleigh scattering works even at the vast scales of the cluster, giving the dust a blue tint as it is reflected back towards us. 

The print will use an archival rag paper (as opposed to the C-type matte with my other prints) and will include a certificate of authenticity. 

The sizes indicated is the "leaf" size, the unframed print includes a small white border for handling and framing, and the framed print will be slightly larger due to the thickness of the frame and include a small matting. 

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