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The Omega Swan

The Omega Swan

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"The Omega Swan" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on Giclee Photo Rag


The limited edition print will use an archival rag paper and will include a certificate of authenticity. 

Small: Edition of 25 
Medium: Edition of 10

The Stunning Omega Nebula is one of the brightest in our night sky, so bright it is easily visible with the naked eye from dark skies. The name came from John Herschel thinking it resembled the Greek latter "Omega" through a telescope, but I've always thought it looked more like a swan when observing it visually. In a 20-hour exposure, the nebula exposes itself as a region of ionized hydrogen gas, glowing fluorescent from the energy of nearby stars. This region is one of several star forming regions in Sagittarius.

The size indicated is the "leaf size", which will include a 1/2" white border for handling and framing.

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