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Andrew McCarthy

Our Ultraviolet Satellite

Our Ultraviolet Satellite

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"Our Ultraviolet Satellite" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on C-Type Matt


The super "Pink" moon of 2021 didn't actually look pink to the human eye, isntead being named after a blooming moss associated with April. So where do the colors in this image come from? 

By using Ultraviolet and Infrared filters, the increased color separation of the moon can be teased out with saturation adjustments. Each color tells a story of the incredible traumatic history of our moon, with each scar creating a beautiful display of colors. Much like ourselves, much of the moon's unique beauty arises from its flaws. 

Pink areas show where the regolith is rich in Iron and Feldspar, while blue areas are rich in titanium. 

The size indicated is the "leaf size", which will include a 1/2" white border for handling and framing.

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