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Sunrise on the Highlands

Sunrise on the Highlands

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"Sunrise on the Highlands" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on Giclee Photo Rag


The print will use an archival rag paper (as opposed to the C-type matte with my other prints) and will include a certificate of authenticity. 

Small: Edition of 50 
Large: Edition of 25 
Extra Large: Edition of 15
Ultra: Edition of 10
Gargantuan: Edition of 5

"Sunrise on the Highlands" is what happens when I use the same equipment I use to shoot the moon on our moon. This phase is a great one to highlight lunar texture due to the position of the terminator. 

The lunar terminator is where light meets dark on the face of the moon. This region is generally more interesting to observers, since the longer shadows exaggerate the features. While the lunar seas are fascinating in their own right, what really stands out is the lunar highlands. This highly cratered region near the southern side of the moon is a geological time capsule, still showing the evidence from the late heavy bombardment that battered the moon billions of years ago. The numerous mountains and valleys that make up the craters give it incredible texture during certain phases. 

This is one of my highest resolution moon images ever, so I am offering it in the largest size my printer allows. 

The size indicated is the "leaf size", which will include a 1/2" white border for handling and framing.

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