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Gems of the Triangulum

Gems of the Triangulum

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"Gems of the Triangulum" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on Giclee Photo Rag


A4: Edition of 25
A3: Edition of 15
A2: Edition of 10
A1: Edition of 5

Framed and unframed options available

The Triangulum Galaxy is part of our local group, close in a cosmic sense but still a staggering 2.7 MILLION light-years from Earth. It's absolutely packed with star-forming nebulae, showing as colorful pink, red, and blue patches in this image. To make sure these regions stood out, I used 6 different filters during capture, to highlight each facet of the galaxy in incredible detail. 

If you're curious what the raw images look like, they are shared in uncompressed format with patrons to those looking to learn to develop deep space images themselves. 

This detailed image makes for an incredible piece of art on the wall, a great conversation piece while also offering a bit of perspective for our day-to-day life. 

The sizes indicated is the "leaf" size, the unframed print includes a small white border for handling and framing, and the framed print will be slightly larger due to the thickness of the frame and include a small matting. 

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