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Escape from Sol (Limited Edition)

Escape from Sol (Limited Edition)

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"Escape from Sol" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on Giclee Photo Rag


A4: Edition of 50
A3: Edition of 25
A2: Edition of 15
A1: Edition of 10
A0: Edition of 5 (Unframed only)   

Framed and unframed options available

The print will use an archival rag paper (as opposed to the C-type matte with my other prints) and will include a certificate of authenticity. 

Our star may have made our planet safe for life to form and flourish, but has a violent side. As we head deeper into the active period of the sun's cycle, violent bursts of energy, known as flares, will become more frequent. Solar prominences, like the one shown here, will be larger, and snap more often. On 9/24/22, a prominence stretched away from the sun and snapped, ejecting a massive volume of superheated plasma into space. Luckily I was observing the sun when it happened, and was able to capture each stage of the process, shown here in a composite image. 

The sizes indicated is the "leaf" size, the unframed print will also include a small white border for handling and framing, and the framed print will be slightly larger due to the thickness of the frame and include a small matting. 

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