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Blinding Starlight

Blinding Starlight

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"Blinding Starlight" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on Giclee Photo Rag


The print will use an archival rag paper (as opposed to the C-type matte with my other prints) and will include a certificate of authenticity. 

Small: Edition of 30
Large: Edition of 25
Extra Large: Edition of 20
Ultra: Edition of 15
Enormous: Edition of 10
Gargantuan: Edition of 5

Our star is a huge ball of incandescent gas, powered through fusion generated by the immense pressure of the sun's gravity, and a constant changing environment balanced through convection and the sun's powerful magnetic field. The balance of these various forces keep the sun from simply destroying our planet, but still powerful enough to keep it at just the right temperature, allowing life here to flourish. 

We're lucky the sun exists not just for the life-sustaining energy source, but for astronomical purposes as well, as it gives us an up-close look at how stars work. By using a special telescope filtering out all but a slim bandpass of light, I can study the solar atmosphere and magnetic field, something not possible without modern technology. This image was created using my specially modified telescope to create a 164-megapixel image of our star. 

The size indicated is the "leaf size", which will include a 1/2" white border for handling and framing.

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