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Andrew McCarthy



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"Alignment" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on C-Type Matt

On the morning of June 24,  2022, stargazers could  look up and witness something unique. The entirety of our solar system (minus the sun) was visible at the same time. From left to right, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and finally the underdog of the solar system, Pluto (yes I know it's not a planet but I don't care. 


Since they were spread out across the entire sky, photos of the event in the entirety tend to just look like any other picture of the sky. For that reason, I captured each planet up close, and aligned them to scale in the sequence they appeared. This shows you how large each planet appeared in the sky relative to the moon during the event. 

I was plagued with intermittent cloudy skies during the capture, so thought it was fitting they be included in  the final composite image. 

The size indicated is the printed area, the print will also include a 1/2" white border for handling and framing.

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