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Andrew McCarthy

Nursery of the Heavens

Nursery of the Heavens

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"Nursery of the Heavens" by Andrew McCarthy
printed on C-Type Matt


This is a detailed shot of the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8), captured using an 8" telescope and narrowband filters, to isolate the burning gasses created by this stellar nursery in the heart of our galaxy. This image uses a unique color palette I apply, which is derivative of the famous "Hubble Palette" used to process nebula photos, but with a twist to find more color within the folds of gas in these deep space objects. The Lagoon Nebula is one of the brightest deep space objects in the sky, and easily visible to the naked eye from dark skies.

The size indicated is the printed area, the print will also include a 1/2" white border for handling and framing.

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