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Orion's Majesty (Acrylic)

Orion's Majesty (Acrylic)

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"Orion's Majesty"
by Andrew McCarthy

Printed on Acrylic
Looking for the limited edition fine art print? Traditional framed print is here.

"Orion's Majesty" is a meticulously detailed photo of Messier 42, commonly known as the Orion Nebula, and the surrounding region. This object is easily visible to the naked eye as part of Orion's "Scabbard" and a welcome sight in the cold winter evenings. Captured using 6 different types of filters, this image blends true color and false color imaging to give visibility and contrast to features that would have been invisible otherwise. 

Made to seem like your photos or art is printed on a glass surface, the image is second-surface printed directly on a 1/4" acrylic panel with rounded edges. Each acrylic print comes ready to hang and floats 1.5" off the wall.

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