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2023 Cosmic Calendar (Includes free wallpaper bundle)

2023 Cosmic Calendar (Includes free wallpaper bundle)

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The 2023 Cosmic Calendar
Comes with FREE Digital Bundle  to your email with 26 4k desktop/mobile backgrounds! ($20 value)

Also selling blemished calendars at a discount depending on availability, they may have slight imperfections, such as minor corner damage or light surface abrasions on the cover.  

The calendar features many of my favorite images from the past year, with a variety of celestial objects. Notable Celestial events are listed on the date along with holidays, so you get a month-long reminder to look up, and never again hear about a celestial event the day after it happens.  

This calendar offers full 11x14" images with a date overlay, so while being a functional calendar it still looks like a beautiful piece of cosmic art on your wall!

Cover: By the Scattered Light of Earth
January: Intergalactic Wonders
February: The International Space Station Transiting Tranquility Base
March: Stellar Arrhythmia
April: Coronal Mischief
May: Wings of a Butterfly
June: Escape from Sol
July: Ionizing Giants
August: Luna
September: The Sisters
October: Descent into Fire
November: The Giants
December: Footprints of Humanity

Due to the unpredictability of order volume and limited staff (just me) I will be limiting the timeframe for orders and begin shipping them the first week in December. Since I am having the calendar made specifically for your order, all sales are final, except in cases of damage or defect (which I will happily replace/refund). If order volume is too large, I may have to end the sale early. Unless I end up extending orders through the end of the year, every order should arrive well in time for the holidays. 

Slight design elements and availability dates subject to change.

Digital Calendar contains digital files only- this is intended for those outside the US that may experience higher shipping costs. There are a number of printers that can produce the calendar in your respective countries with the included files. 

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